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stakeholder management for software engineers

“you don’t have to mow the lawn of your neighbours”

“let’s just do something and we can hand in our homework”

“too many twists and turns - it’s like peeling an onion”

“it’s kinda like, how long is a piece of string?”

“even a dodo like me can get it working”

“you can’t have your cake and eat it too”

“that’s a no no”

”we’re just gonna have to take our medicine and like it”

“if I had money to bet, I’d put it on…”

“the only way to know about a squeaky wheel is for the wheel the squeak”

“XYZ seems to be first, second, third place these days”

“there’s no free lunch with this one”

“it’s like pulling teeth… multiple appointments”

“… yeah I really don’t know - there are betting markets open on this”

sigh… i was just trying to help. emotional people”

“the left hand and right hand don’t know what each other is doing”

“looks like I fooled some people. the important people.”

SWAG: Scientific wild-ass guess

“i’m not ready to go to the dentist again”

software development practice

Trauma Driven Development

Move fast and break things

adjectives for code

a sea of code

twisty bits

<that which> ruined christmas

verbs for code

lift and shift

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