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Westfield Hurstville - 3hrs free parking (4 hrs if Westfield+ member); untimed after 6pm

  • Westfield is the easiest parking

MacMahon - across presbyterian / entertainment centre - 1hr free

  • Free for Sundays all day (but rather full unless late!), Saturdays after 4pm, weekdays 9pm Tldr only Park here late at night.

East Quarters - Woolworths 2hrs free parking (no pay gate?)

The Avenue Carpark - (I met the owner once…) pretty useless carpark TBH

Above train station - not sure

Next to train station - (council) not sure


Derby St, Kirkplace across STGH

Kogarah Town Centre (train station)


Rowe Street (East) Car Park - next to ALDI. 2 hours

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